Monday, 7 April 2014


Time to retire pictures of winter no matter how lovely they look.  So I have changed my template to what I hope to see plenty of - soft spring green.  Not to jinx things but snow is rapidly melting and today there was lots of people out walking and the air was springlike.

I started my quest for spring by attending the Annual Maritime Fibre Arts Retreat held at the Atlantica Oak Island on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.  The machines of quilters were humming; spinners were moving pedals in rhythm and chatting; knitters were knitting and hookers were hooking; people were visiting within their own fibre fields and making contacts and learning from people in other fibre fields.

It is a good thing to get out and about when you work in your home environment.  Exchanging knowledge is an expansion of our own knowledge that  you carry home and it adds wealth to your creativity.  There is excitement in sharing projects and seeing how others work with colour regardless of their fibre choice is interesting and enervating.

Of course in all of this is the joy of waking and finding breakfast ready and your bed being made and no familial responsibilities.  That too adds to the fun.  Never discount a comfortable cocoon to work in; especially one with room service.  Also included in the benefits of the retreat was a run to a gorgeous fabric store in Mahone Bay called Suttles and Seawinds.  As a friend says I have no self control.

I finished a quilt top which is very simple but it was fun to create the cat embroideries and when it is quilted I will post a picture. It is intended as a fund raiser for an organization.  Right now as well I am working on an Art Quilt using painting on the computer, thread painting as applique and a pointillism technique to apply background fabric.  At the moment it is at a stage of what would I call it - messy thoughts and partially completed basics.  So no pictures.

My quilting machine and a pile of quilts are also looking for a bit of my attention and there are fabrics and projects emitting signals to my brain that they deserve more than a box to be stored in or a shelf to be stored on.   In fact it is all a bit chaotic.  In the midst of which a run to the vets for a couple of hours added spice? to the day.

I am also working on a table runner in a French braid design which I am trying to juggle around a bit by alternating the colours in a slightly different way.   This is a partial  clip of my EQ7 design.  I like to use EQ7 to experiment with colours to see how they work or not.
Comments are welcome.  The actual colours are batiks with the yellow being a scrumpious orangey, pinky colour but the brown and blue are fairly realistic.  Borders are up for grabs at the moment.  It is another jumble of thoughts and basics like creating a potential design.  Boy this sounds like I am flaying in a pond of projects and the truth is I AM.  Will post again when I come up for air.

Happy Spring!!!!!

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