Saturday, 2 March 2013

Just a short post

Today I got to help some ladies to do a small project.  Some had little or no experience.  Last week a guild member asked some questions which set her on a more successful path with her quilting.  In both cases watching the success of these people was so much more rewarding than my own achievements with some quilting.  The pride and glow in their faces as they learned and succeeded was like sunshine coming over the horizon.  Giving someone a boost is a way of repaying what was given to you.  

In my life I am definitely on the debit side of receiving help and need to pay out until I can no longer give to others.  Being able to give is in itself a gift.  Because in giving you receive.   

Quilting guilds are places of giving.  There is no more caring, selfless group of people.  Try one out if you can.  There is a link to one on this blog.  We teach; we learn; we give; we take.  We are through the guild able to see good and sharing and caring in our members.  What a gift!!!!

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