Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wonderful Workshop with Marianne Hatton

Well the workshop has come and gone.  It lived up to and exceeded all expectations.  Marianne Hatton is a wonderful teacher and her methodology is logical and her encouragement of creativity is fantastic.   Everyone had a great time and there was a great deal of imagination and thought going on.  Rather than repeat everything have a look at this post on the blog for the Paradise Village Quilters who hosted the workshop.

Now on to the other events on the horizon.  At this time of year it is a juggling act to quilt; make quilts; make gardens; make lazy in the sun.  But quilters can always squeeze things in.  Remember JUST DO IT but don't forget to stop and get a whiff of the lilacs which are beautiful this year and don't whiz past the beautiful greens showing themselves up and down the Annapolis Valley if you are lucky enough to live here.  Mother Nature teaches and inspires us with her colour mixing.  Take the slow road and if you are fortunate you will move between apple orchards on each side of the road and your car will fill with the most exquisite scents.  And if you cannot have this particular experience find a similar one in your area.  It is not just roses that tickle our nose and refresh our eyes.

Now to find time to start one of Marianne's Dynamic Samplers.  I know.  Just do it.  Take my own medicine.  But after a workshop this a.m.; a meeting this p.m. and the lawn cutting before animals start living in it.    Good thing that lawn tractor has a cup holder.  Something nice as the sun sets and the grass gets cut?

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