Tuesday, 6 November 2018


Where has time gone.  I have been quilting but I also have been on a long holiday and have had a friend visiting.  I also had a couple of shows in which I had art quilts.  It was a fantastic experience for a relatively newbe quilter.  And I got to share with a very old friend who arrived just before the weekend when there were two openings.  How to explain how good it felt to be up on the walls of a gallery with well known quilters.  Here are pictures of the quilts I submitted and were accepted.  One show was juried and that made the excitement greater as the judges were well known.  Enough about my feelings and on to pictures.

I entered a couple of contests, one with a lady from South Carolina which was a very nice experience.  We exchanged the finished quilts and have enjoyed our email exchanges.   I also completed quilts for customers.  I have a half completed French Braid which was lovely to work on after digging out fabric bought a few years ago. The center blocks are behind the small blocks above.  It is on the agenda as soon as I clean up my sewing room.  (this p.m. I promise myself). The quilt is not finished as other things took over like housework (ugh) for the visit of my friend and heat.  No matter what time of day, my sewing room was hot. It was the right time to just try to stay cool.  Houses build when this one was never heard of air conditioning. (1833).  

As a bit of cool air came, I did 3 charity quilts and worked on a couple for myself.   Charity quilts are fun as I get to try out designs.  No pics unfortunately.  I was also doing a monthly quilt from a quilt show.  It is on the frame and it is all traditional blocks so will post when completed.  I changed the design a bit as what had intrigued me to do the quilt lost its appeal.  Using fat quarters has made it quite colourful.  It might find a home with someone as a throw quilt to brighten a corner.  

I also am creating an embroidered logo for a business and people like quilted labels for quilts.  

And to appeal to my need to learn, I have taken up hooking with a group of local ladies.  Using other materials and methods helps to explore colour and its use and texture which can be translated into art quilts. Saw some beautiful ones at the Hooked Rug Museum
Overwhelming displays.  Like in sports, crossover disiplines, make for a better athlete.  So it does in fabric art.  Digging out old needlework helps as well.  So when these projects are further along I will post. 

Can I say it has been a meager output in the last few months?  Overall I would say yes but if I include trips, company, sharing events, learning about where I live, nice coffee afternoons, walking, talking, sharing meals and meetings with other fibre artists it has been quite full.  

Add to this changing my technology to cell phone and a new internet provider it has been busy.  The last added some grey hair and lines.  My dogs thinks I have forgotten them.  

Whatever you do today or this week, have fun.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

A long while

It seems eons since I last posted.  I did not disappear except in that time disappeared.  So many things have been happening.  There have been quilts coming into and out of the door and Hortense my long arm has been busy.  And I have taken time since the spring to also unwind and to focus on what is important in my life and one of those is deciding where to put my energy in addition to quilting. 

I am sure many of you have had those periods in your life when the 'you' the world sees is just perfect but the 'you' you live with is not quite there yet (in fact far off in the distance).  And I am also sure that many of you have developed goals and struggle to keep up. 

Well, I decided to stop struggling and refocus. 

So that leads into the reason for this post.  I am mostly alive again and working on several quilts of my own.  It is always to have something that is not intense and piecing provides that.  They all get finished eventually but the variety makes for interest capture in mind and soul.

And I joined a group who accept that I don't always do traditional quilting.  This group is located in the Annapolis Valley area of lovely Nova Scotia in Canada.  Quilting and fabric arts are alive and well in this area.  The group is called SOFAAR and here is a link to the site. SOFAAR  The group is young with a quite large membership representing multiple artistic endeavors with fibre.   The creativity in the group is so vital and alive.

This fall there are two events for SOFAAR members.  I happen to have something in both events.  Have a look at the posters below and if you are anywhere near either event, please come and see what our members can do.