Monday, 28 January 2013

Quilting Done

The quilting is done on a difficult quilt.  Why difficult?  One it is pieced with complex blocks i.e. points meeting points and the block seams were not pressed flat or open.  Two it is made mostly of shades of blue and white and the star in center did not stand out i.e. until quilted.

I am pleased the star now shows up.  It has been great learning and on Saturday a trip to the hardware store yielded an elliptic shape in the form of a drawer pull for $8.95.  Another draw pull will provide a serpentine shape for $4.50.  And no one likes it when pins fall and they do. So at the cash was a magnet that extended and although intended for nails and screws does a wonderful job on pins.  One less chore to find and collect those flying pins.

I love the hardware store anyway so now have a nice chore to find interesting shapes I can incorporate into my long arm quilting.   And I have only touched the shapes possible.

In spite of my fears the quilt looks great.  My palms were sweaty as I tried the non conventional tools but they worked well.  And I did two simple things we often forget.  I looked ahead of where I was quilting to where I wanted to go and I breathed deeply.  Easy, although I talked to myself as It did it.  No guarantee of perfection but helps to try moving along the road to perfection and reduces the body tension and stress.  I think the machine wobbles just because I am looking at it.  A bit like making mistakes on the keyboard if someone is looking over your shoulder.

Well the sun is shining and the sun room is flooded with it and so a cup of tea then do the quilt binding.  I hope you are having as good a day as I am.

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  1. It looks wonderful and the centre does pop now - great job!!!