Monday, 14 April 2014

Spring :)

Spring has come at last.  Although showers move in and out they have brought spring flowers so I took an opportunity to catch a patch of crocuses on the camera.
The crocuses have come up amid the detritus of winter dead hosta stems.  Living in a climate with 4 seasons has its ups and downs but the rebirth of the spring is a special season reminding all of us that we are alive.  It seems impossible to believe these delicate flowers have sat below rain and wind and snow and ice to be renewed by showers and sun.  Buds on trees are fattening and they too are astounding in surviving winter tightly furled on their branches.

I believe spring is a lesson to all of us to remember that there is renewal possible.  You have to look for it amidst the grey landscape that life sometimes hands us.  For quilters it is the creation of a quilt out of bits of cloth; friendships forged in guilds; meeting and enjoying the company of other quilters at shows or retreats.  Each of these is like a leaf or crocus unfolding in spring; renewal of our spirits.

We do get bogged down as we are often too generous for our own good.  We volunteer; we jump ahead of ourselves with projects that cannot possibly be done in the foreseeable future; we dream of completed UFOs while juggling the other parts of our lives.

But we still manage to create a quilt for a show; a new baby; babies in hospital; grandchildren or simply for our own pleasure.  So when you feel bogged down think of the poor crocus which is so delicate but which comes back every spring.   Push yourself up through the equivalent of the dead hosta stems and shine.

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