Sunday, 14 April 2013

Logic and Passion

Well we were promised/threatened with a storm this weekend so I brought in wood and hunkered down to quilt.  The storm fizzled here in the Valley but my quilting was successful.  I finished a quilt top based on the pattern Magic Tiles by Kathleen Bissett.  The random pattern brings surprises.  This started with a gorgeous fabric covered with red tulips and went from there.  You could never sleep under this active quilt but it will bring brightness to some corner of the house when it is finally quilted.   I loved the logic of the black and white and the passion of the red.

I also renovated a quilt top that has resided in a bag in a closet for a long time.  I will begin quilting it today and cannot wait to give it back to the maker.  This will add steam to the quilting.  Hortense will get a workout.  

This reminds me that quilting is all about creation and about sharing and caring.  It would be impossible to tally all the quilts made as gifts and given as charitable donations throughout the world.  As a quilt maker it is sometimes hard to let the quilts go as they contain so much of your creativity and love.  A friend likened it to letting your children go.  Quilters are not the only artists that feel like that; painters feel much the same about their paintings.  I watched this wrench through a close friend who does lovely paintings full of joy and colour and then now that my family is growing I think I may have to let some of them go as well.  But not now. 

In a seque creativity makes me think about something I have seen a lot of lately and that is criticism.  Strange that two words beginning with the same letter are at two opposite poles.  One soars and the other ties lead around the both the person making the criticism and the receiver.  One, criticism is easy to do; the other creativity takes time and love and caring.  Perhaps if one crowds ones life with creativity it will crowd out criticism in all but its most constructive form i.e. done with caring.  From high value to low; creativity; constructive to criticism without a purpose other than to drag down.


  1. Your quilt looks nice. I have my chosen fabrics on display in my sewing room. I am looking forward to the workshop.

  2. Wow! this is Magic Tiles with high contrast. Such a vibrant quilt and it made me happy, alert and wanting to find my pattern and the blue fabrics that are hidden somewhere safe in my stash and start straight away.

  3. Wow, I love this! What a beautiful pattern. I love the colors you've used.

    1. Thank you. The colours brighten up my sunroom now and even on a dull day provide interest and warmth.