Thursday, 7 November 2013

Modern Quilting and some projects

There is a new chapter starting out of Halifax.  This is quite a movement and has been featured in various quilting magazines.  It is interesting as meetings can be virtual as well as physical.  Modern quilts lend themselves to some great machine quilting.  Here is a link to the guild starting. 

Although I have done what would be considered traditional quilts I have a great modern quilt in mind.  It will use silk from a sari I wore to a wedding in India (9 yards of gorgeous silk).  I have been unable to just abandon the fabric.   So I plan on using it in strips to take advantage of the decorative gold patterns woven into the fabric and will offset with white or perhaps some other colours that compliments the beautiful light aqua.   I have sewn with silk but not done a quilt in silk before so a challenge.

Of course an idea is not too hard to come up with but the execution is the problem.  Distractions are also easy to come by as it is time to shut down the garden; take classes which bring more projects and deal with mundane things like trying to keep dog shedding down to a minimum which leads to cleaning the vacuum which leads to other chores.  Which lead to other chores........................  Sound familiar. My patio looks like snow from doggy undercoat.  Ok so this idea is percolating but here are some pictures of recent projects both WIP and completed along with some others I will save for another post.

Distraction: Frosty garden moments too good to ignore.

Background Celtic Quilt. Almost finished.  Two more borders to go.  Part of bag from a class on making fabric but finished.  Paper pieced block for Carol Doak mystery.  Only 9 more to go.  Under the Celtic quilt is another quilt top.  Who says a design wall has to have only one layer?  We will omit the tops folded up and  ready to quilt and the quilt top which is a Christmas gift just lacking borders and the gorgeous Christmas quilt which is on stage 3 of making and will come after the borders on the Celtic quilt.
 Quilt of valour.  Only 16 more border leaves to do.  Hortense bundled up waiting for some activity.  For those of you who have cats you know they love quilts to sleep on.  Bubble wrap is a deterrent as are baby gates covered in foil.  Babies cannot jump but cats can.  :)

IPad holder which works great to watch something you want to duplicate on a quilt or use on tummy in bed.  This is from an Australian site.  Just Google IPad holder Australia should do it.  Fun thing and an afternoon project.

A couple of little quilts.  Hated the house but it turned out ok and won a prize.  The other is a use of non traditional materials; a shot taffeta for the background; thread painting for the trees and pumpkins; photo on fabric of doggy - Meg.  and digital embroidery of leaves as part of the background.  I also design digital embroideries.  
And this is one of my quilting helpers who obligingly  curled up in leaves on the patio for her picture.

So if I do not blog often I am not ignoring it just trying to shoehorn it in.

Have a great day and thank you for reading.


  1. Glad to meet our Canadian quilters. Thanks. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  2. Hello from Halifax! You sure are a busy quilter. Lots on the go. I am excited about the new guild starting up next week. Sounds like great fun.