Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Quilt is Quilted

Quilting is learning and learning and learning.  Here is the finished quilt made with strips of fabric.  I must admit I fell in love with the fabrics and that swayed my desire to make the quilt.   Oh certain fabrics and ice cream are my downfall at least what I will admit to in public.  

The number of lessons learned is long and would bore you to tears but one huge one is that 3 or 4 sentences of description in a manual such as came with my long arm do not equate to knowledge.  What they do is describe a function.  So with this quilt I set out to explore exactly what the function along with a quilt and thread could do.  Lots of great surprises happened.  The software adjusts things to fit perfectly.  Of course I only found this out after I has spent time adjusting using other functions with pluses and minuses and other bits and bobs.  So there is an easy way and a harder way.  That is life I think.

The quilt is all biases.  I was so certain the borders would be crooked; not the right size when finished.  Surprise!!!  They were just the way they should be.  I am not sure if this was luck or not.

I also learned I like the built in designs and the robot but love to work freehand except on straight lines going diagonally.  My lines would never pass the straight line test with a policeman.  I beat myself up until I watched an expert on a Gammill video the other day who said such lines are almost impossible to be made straight when doing free hand and who puts a wobble in them on purpose.  I was absolved of quilt negligence.  A weight has been lifted.

Off to take a course on Saturday which will hopefully open my eyes and brain to some new ideas and make some sense of the odd bits floating in my mind which have not yet come to rest in a useful category.  In fact I think my mind is stuffed with those types of things but funny enough they usually do come to rest somewhere.

Oops.  Meant this to be short.  Dog walks will be short now.

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