Friday, 17 May 2013

Pets and Quilts

In searching through many sites on quilting I often see dogs and cats lurking in the pictures or being the center of attention.  It would seem that the kind and gentle hearts of quilters for fellow quilters also extends to fellow creatures.

Here are two of my friends looking bored as I spend time on the computer.
This is a favourite spot and pose.  And yes it is one of the ergonomic stools from the '70s and '80s.  Great for the back.

However these critters including 3 cats are not without heavy coats.  I wish I could say they get brushed every day but they do get vacuumed.  Yes vacuumed.  They jostle to see who gets the most swipes from the hose.  But this does not remove 'The Hair Problem'.  I have tried the sticky rollers and hair sponges but finally, finally have found an easy and inexpensive solution to the hair.  

Kitchen sponges - the kind with a yellow sponge and the green scratchy stuff on the top side or bottom if you prefer.  I figured if they could scrub good pots without scratching they were gentle enough for clothes.  It works.  They fit the hand.  Hair comes easily off them when removed from clothes and quilts etc.  They are washable and they are not expensive. 

Although this topic is not strictly quilting I wanted to share a solution that helps keep quilts pristine especially when they are used where little furry creatures enjoy them.  Short of shutting away everywhere I sew and having the vacuuming running all the time 'The Hair Problem'  exists and solutions have to be found.  No pets is not an alternative for me.  I have a Velcro body as far as they are concerned and they provide warmth like my quilts and brighten my day.  Except when they behave like bad children.  Sometimes quilts are bad children as well when they misbehave and do not do what we want in the making; binding that will not make a sharp corner; squares that are wonky and quilting tools that play hide and seek on the cutting table.

Hope this might be a solution for someone else.  But I am happy it is a solution for me.  :)

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