Friday, 24 May 2013

Whew!!!!! and not finished yet

Spring brings out the quilters and the quilt shows and teas and dessert parties and and.............   We are so fortunate in Nova Scotia to have wonderful guilds and fabulous quilters.    The executives of each guild work very hard to see that guild members have workshops from both within the guild and from outside.  Volunteers put on fabulous shows and of course quilters spend hours/days/months producing high quality quilts for other to enjoy.

In the last while I have been to a big show in Centerville Nova Scotia. If you missed this show keep it in mind for next year.  I took so many pictures it has taken a CD to have a record of them.

The Mahone Bay Quilters had their dessert party on Wednesday.   The table down the center of the room was laden with desserts of every variety and it was impossible to try them all.  Driving home the smell of chocolate from one particular cake remained on my hands as we drove over the mountain in the fog.  I thought then I would forego all desserts until Christmas but yesterday the Annapolis Valley Quilters had their lunch.  It was truly impossible to avoid the desserts.  I am grateful that the Paradise Village Quilters to which I belong has their tea in the fall.  It spreads things out a bit.

In every case there were quilts that filled not your stomach but your eyes and heart and quilters who made you feel welcome and part of the great community that exists in Nova Scotia.  In case anyone does we have internationally recognized quilters here.  Watch for a quilt from a lady from Halifax at Houston next year.

The speaker and trunk show presenter at Mahone Bay was Marianne Hatton who will be giving a workshop in Paradise on Monday.  If anyone attending the class was excited; they were even more pumped after seeing the quilts for real and meeting Marianne.

In the summer there will be a huge quilt show in Saulnierville, on what, is called the French Shore to go to and more good food.   There will be the Home Craft building at the Lawrencetown Annapolis Valley Exhibition in August where the walls and table will be laden with quilts from around the region.

If you enjoy quilting or you want to learn join a guild.  I can say that it will enrich your life.

Well time to fit in other things.  Are there other things than quilting?

For a little colour here is a recent quilt.  The positioning with a dip in the center is to make sure it is comfortable for 4 footed creatures.

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