Sunday, 31 July 2016

Baby quilt blocks so far

Well I got 5 blocks made since my last post.  It has been fun thinking of non traditional borders on the blocks which are pretty traditional.  The fabric has quite a few choices before I have to repeat a block but if I change the border enough it will look different. It is fun to think of ways to 'frame' the traditional blocks.  I dug out a bag of very strong pastels I just used in a quilt for a show and will use those scraps to add a bit of punch here and there with the softer hues of the baby pastels.

Will do more today until the sun moves around the house to my studio when it will be a doing nothing afternoon.  My other studio for long arm quilting has an air conditioning unit but not my piecing place.  And air conditioning in every room and an 1833 house are not compatible. So it will be tea and a book or magazine to allow my brain to think about more ways of doing things and perhaps how I will quilt the quilt when finished.  This will also give my Tonkinese some lap time although it is more pleasant in the winter to have the warmth.

I tried something on the circular applique.  I put it on using a light iron on stabilizer then made a very fine strip of blue fabric which I folded over and put around as if it was going to be a piping.  Then I folded it back on itself and restitched it.  I might use the technique again when I want a bit of raised effect on a simple applique.  Things are worth trying once and may just be reusable in other circumstances.

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