Wednesday, 27 July 2016

An idea - will it work?

There is a baby on the way in Australia.  A modern young woman in a vibrant country.  I travelled there a few years ago and it is on my list for next year again.  Fingers crossed.  I want to make a quilt but traditional?  very strippy and modern?

I just had a quick romp through my stash and found a piece of fabric I bought at Quilt Canada.  Nice baby themes; bright colours but not enough punch.  But it has generated a possibility.  Traditional log cabin with large centers cut of the baby themes with scrap pieces added.  They will not all be the same size finished because the themes are not the same size.  One I can vary the size of the strips aka logs or leave the logs a standard size and then piece a same size block or how about sort of wonky.

Yes, I know I have other unfinished quilts; one big art quilt I love; one fairly traditional in gorgeous, rich fabrics.  It just needs a border but a baby quilt would be fun and a challenge.  Challenge is what turns my crank.  The art one is in the finishing stages; the most boring bits except for the actual quilting so baby quilt it will be.  There is also the long time it takes for a package to reach Australia.

Will start this p.m. and see if I have a picture to post by tomorrow morning i.e. one or two blocks.

So yellow, green, blue, pink and stash colours here I come.  But first vet visits.  Older pets means lots of vet visits but that is small payment for their unrelenting love.  Although catching a big fat Siamese who can hide like nothing is not my idea of morning exercise.

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