Friday, 29 April 2016

May and Quilts

From now through September/October there are quilt shows all over Nova Scotia.  In June, the CQA Show is in Toronto.
And I can actually say that this year.  I am going to see the show and enjoy.

Before that and after I plan to attend as many shows as possible locally. Nova Scotia is a quilters mecca.  We have world class quilters of traditional and modern quilts and art quilts.  Often there are very old quilts with history on display.

We all know the gorgeous quilts on Pinterest; the YouTube videos of major quilt shows.  But there are many talented people who show their quilts at local shows.  Not everyone wants to make a competition quilt.  I admit it would be wonderful to make what amounts to a perfect or almost perfect quilt with lots of details and a theme which appeals to the judges.  But making something you are proud of and will enjoy for yourself or as a gift for family or friends is heartwarming and satisfying.  You are the maker, the judge and jury on just how your quilt satisfies your criteria.  Putting one of your quilts in a local show is fun and if you get compliments or happen to come upon someone examining your quilt and saying nice things, it makes a warm spot in your creative heart.  

So, exhibit locally or get out there and bring a friend or two to enjoy your local talent some of whom might just be displayed at Quilt Canada.  

Heres to warmth and green and quilt shows and friends and just having fun quilting wherever you are. I have to get a quilt finished for the show in Mahone Bay Quilters Guild Show and Sale in September from the 23rd to the 25th  so cram time.  Not as  for an exam but stuffing as much quilting into a day as possible while still keeping home and garden ticking over.    

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