Saturday, 30 April 2016

A Traditional Quilt

This quilt belongs to a customer.  I tend to use very bright colours and frequently non traditional layouts.  So I took a picture when this was finished as I know lots of people like traditional colours.  Light sashings with dark backs can be a challenge so this was done in two colours.  It turned out alright.  My biggest challenge with two colours was a white front and black back.  Breath out.  It worked.
 Ribbon candy in the sashing gives it some texture.   The border is done in leaves which because the colour of the thread blended with the fabric does not show but the texture of the quilting is there. The same applies to the blocks which are stippling.

 One of these is a culprit who managed to bypass my barrier to my quilting room and tried out the quilt as a hammock.  Their other little feline friend was busy getting into trouble while these two chose to find sun coming in the window.  It just hits the sofa at end of day; perfect for a nap. What they do not realize is that what they are lying on is a shawl knit of dog hair spun by a very old friend who is no longer here but lives in my heart each and every day.  There are lots of quilts(practice ones) lying around that serve as cat napping places but the temptation of something forbidden behind a gate was just too much.  However the opportunities will now be limited by a door.  One of them is just too smart for his own good.

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