Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Coming Home

This year has been interesting and as we approach the end of it I welcome home a quilt I never thought I would make.

I love quilting and thanks to the ladies at the Paradise Village Quilters http://paradisevillagequilters.blogspot.ca/ I have improved my skills and increased my enjoyment since moving to Nova Scotia and joining their guild.  And I have made lots of quilts in the past 4 years as well as friends and have moved into long arm quilting at the push of a very, very good friend.

I love traditional quilts but I so admire those who create art quilts often showing their hearts and minds in so doing.  So the quilt above was inspired by Art Hits the Wall  http://arthitsthewall.com/  and I took on creating something for the 2013 show which is now over.  The theme was Kaleidscope and I took it quite literally as the tie between the toy and the quilts.  So as the toy  broke on the floor the quilt and the pattern fly apart.  I called it fractured.  It is now home and hanging where I can look at it and know I can move into art quilts as well as maintain traditional quilting.  It was so much fun as my imaginings became reality in the quilt.  The spilled colours are silk pieces from saris that are felted into the flooring.  And the kaleiscope and the quilt and pattern pieces are digital embroideries which is also a passion and provides pieces for applique on quilts.  I added beads taken from a wedding dress I altered.  Reuse, repurpose.

In submitting this quilt I expanded my quilting fraternity and as my original guild has nourished me this additional fraternity has put immeasurable pleasure into my life.  I have also found welcome in a 2nd guild at Mahone Bay http://www.mahonebayquiltersguild.com/  Like all quilt guilds there is a sense of coming home and welcome at all times.  The coffee is always on and cookies are available as soon as you say 'I am a quilter'.  

Now I have joined a group called SAQA Atlantic and can only hope that some of the skill will rub off on me.  http://saqaatlanticcanada.blogspot.ca/  This is part of a world wide organization.

For those of you who read this blog who are not quilters, know that this is an activity that has ties deep into history; benefits charities around the world; has an easy calling card 'I am a quilter'; is a large part of the art world; and is a big business putting lots of dollars into economies.  But most of all it is a warm, caring community of women and men who practice an art be it traditional quilts or art quilts; none more welcoming as those in Atlantic Canada.  So as I go into a new year I carry a blessing I never thought I would receive.  A treasure and an army at my back.

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