Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Coffee and Confession

Know the old saying; Make haste, repent at leisure.  Well it is true.  Guild tomorrow so wanted to finish the wall hanging I have been working on.  The trapunto part is finished and I am pleased.  But you cannot trapunto every object in the picture so there has to be some outline quilting and some other freehand quilting to hold down the fabric.  Otherwise your wall hanging will hang and not the way you want it too;more like sag where not quilted.  Regular overall quilting does not suit this design.

Today was time to change colours.  It is the same thread as the red used on the trapunto but the quilt hanging is now a completed sandwich which requires releasing from the roller which controls the top.  You cannot roll back something that is now attached. (Ask me how I know; an attempt with my first WORST quilt). So nothing really changed.  Tell that to the thread tension.  So a few pokies of green are showing on the back.  Not nice but I do not expect anyone to flip the hanging over in the house and look.  It would be a bit like looking to see if your finger picked up dust on a table.  Not done.  If done further invites cancelled.
You can still see the light water soluable thread I used to create the trapunto layer.  This will wash out.

So the tension got adjusted and then in doing that the thread got disturbed on its path.  Note to self to always check thread path after tinkering.  You can guess.  The pokies are now a mess.  Have you ever noticed that there are no videos or narratives about picking out thread?  I got this kit below with one of my embroidery machines.  Machine has been traded; the kit kept.  Make sure you have tools and patience because sometimes you have to or want to pick out stitches.
Picking out stitches is almost an art.  You need good light especially if the colour matches the background.  You need scissors which will cut tiny stitches and not the fabric and good tweezers.  And lastly you need a sense of humour to laugh at what happened.  Do I need to hurry?  No. There is a next time.  Do I care if this is not show quality?  I do care that it is not a total mess but I am trying something new so expect it will not be perfect.  That is learning.  After all I did not conquer cut and paste in kindergarten the first time but survived to go on.

So laugh at my mistakes and keep on laughing when you make yours.

Have a great day regardless of the weather or any frustrations.

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