Monday, 15 April 2013

More Charity Quilts

In August of each year the Annapolis Valley Exhibition is held.  This year there will be a raffle of a quilt made by a good friend and quilted by yours truly.  It has been a fun collaboration.  Here are a couple of pictures so if you have a tractor fan in your family or know of one and are in the Annapolis Valley buy a ticket on this quilt.  It is a great quilt if you are a Tractor Maniac and colourful.  You will be able to see it up close as tickets are sold all over the Valley and during the Exhibition.

This was a fun creation which started with a fabric with tractors on it it.  The tractors became blocks then a quilt.  Hortense did a great job doing the quilting based on a picture of an antique tractor.  Good friends; fun work; rewards for the Annapolis Valley Exhibition. Annapolis Valley Exhibition.

Creativity is a good thing!!!!!

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