Friday, 19 April 2013

Fun Things and Getting Out of a Jam

Hortense and I are finishing a quilt that a beginner made.  It is an interesting challenge to deal with wonky seams and pieces cut a bit too shy or too long.  Overall I am pleased that Hortense has dealt with  seams pressed with folds and some thick seams.  Like everything in life this is a teaching exercise.  You learn from everything even if you do not recognize it.  Also challenges bring other lessons and activities to mind.

When I worked I doodled.  I have even been known to draw cartoons to help me remember a talk I have been sitting in and trying to stay upright in my chair and to stifle a yawn.  I am sure many of you have sat through various events where your bottom goes to sleep and no amount of shifting brings it to life until you stand up.  Maybe that is natures way of dealing with boring lectures/talks etc.  Thank goodness most of that has disappeared with retirement.  If you have to sit in such a situation watch how people walk when they stand up and you can gauge the 'boring quotient'.

Back to doodling.  I did a border on this quilt and although in my mind it looked great; in reality it did not.  Boring and lifeless come to mind. So doodling popped up in my brain catalogue.  Have you heard of Zentangle?  Have a look even if you are not a quilter.  There is a Zen to doodling.   So I started to doodle on the design already in the border.  Not easy at first since one has to control a big machine to make sharp corners so a close look will reveal some a bit rounded but in the overall scheme it worked.  So lessons learned are
1.  Do not panic. There is always a solution
2.  Give your mind some time to noodle the situation
3.  Give it a try.  If you are not happy, attempting the fix  has at least a 50% chance of working.
4.  Accept that nothing is absolutely perfect.

Result:  I am pleased.  Now to finish all the borders the same way.

Fun things.  I love quilts in every shape and form except for those made of dead colours.   Even those have some redeeming qualities but not my favourite. One should not hate things as it is destructive to one's self.

So there is a category of art quilts that provide licence to enjoy and not be constrained.   These use thread painting.  I learned from someone who is very skilled in my guild.  If you love to recreate nature use thread instead of paint.  Do give it a try.  Here is my first effort.  I have painted but this has less mess; something one must consider when one has lots of paws around.  Somehow they are drawn to anything one is doing that is messy or involves food.

This was fun.  I still enjoy looking at it on the wall and am sure I will do better the next time.  Thank you for having a look.  The picture of my young Golden was actually taken on the patio as she rested in a pile of leaves.

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