Monday, 1 April 2013

April 1 - Joke Day

It is a good thing this is a day of jokes because it is raining big fat rain drops.  The sky seems to be reaching down to touch the soul and it is a chilly touch.  Lights are needed in the house and all the animals are huddled with looks that say 'Light that fire lady'.  But all is not lost.  Upstairs are the beginnings of a colourful quilt.  There is a bit of a raindrop there in that the designer was not terribly expressive in describing where something matched.  In fact the designer said nothing so I have a couple of squares where the match is just off by a hair past a whisker.  This will require detailed examination with a cup of hot coffee to decide on convenience or that dreaded seam ripper.

BUT it am happy it is raining and that I have to decide on ripping out some stitches because I now have two repaired eyes.  The cataracts are gone and this has given me back much more than I thought I had lost.   I can actually SEE the rain.  This is something that creeps with stealth so that you accept the limitations it creates without realizing the extent.  But I now have 20/20 vision with only the need for those little reading glasses.  So I dug out a pair I wore when I was younger and thought I looked serious and now ...........  Well I leave that to your imagination in that I have grandchildren who are not babies.   Now I do not have to rely on the automatic threader on the machine entirely.  Although funny enough I could still thread a needle for hand sewing right up to the 2nd surgery.  Must be the determination of the quilter.  We are a hardy breed made up of optimism and determination and imagination

In the sunshine of this weekend I kept noticing things that I had forgotten about.  The gravel at the side of the road has pink in it.  The yarn I ordered because is was a rosy red is actually an orange red.  Bummer.  The blue sky over the Annapolis Valley goes on forever.

I have been given the gift of my quilting all over again.  I cannot wait to truly see what Hortense can do.  She is quietly waiting in her quarters for a quilt to be done with little tractors.  Just need the all clear from the doctor tomorrow to bend and stretch and lift and just be unrestricted.

More quilting here I come.  Gifts come in different packages and mine were delivered by the doctor in the form of tiny lens in my eyes.  And this is a gift that will go on giving to me which means I can go on giving to others.

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