Saturday, 23 February 2013

Important to a Quilter

What is important?  Fabric or patterns or the stitching or or.  Well I found this week what is important at least for me and it is colour and fabric and friendship.  Going with special friends to search for fabric and enjoy their company was done 3 times and each was a rich and happy event.  Next came fabric and this was great the first 2 times but miraculous the 3rd time.  I had cataract surgery between fabric hunting and I can see colour.  It has crept from my world day by day; hour by hour for the past year.  I have not noticed until the last bit when I realized I moved in a thin grey fog.  But a 10 minute surgery accompanied by lots of drops made a change I could not believe.  I walked through my home on the evening of the surgery looking at quilts I had made during this dull time and at paintings acquired as well.  They were gorgeous.  The colours exploded in front of me and I was teary.    None of this could have been accomplished without the friendship; a driver; a caregiver and others who were happy for my surgery success.

Quilting is so much more than we think about.  Guilds give us healing and peace and so much joy in the humans who we work and play alongside.  My guild has given me close friends who make my life richer and with whom I can enjoy such a miracle.  One more eye to go to make the miracle complete.  Of course the icing on this cake is that these friends are those great people who make the beautiful Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia their home.

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