Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Fun Projects

Organization.  What a heavy word.  Not light like fairy or happy or joy or spring.  Well even quilters need to be ORGANIZED or at least some semblance of same.  So while waiting for and recovering from surgery I have started.  I have been making bags for my quilting gear and other things from left over fabric.  One was a bag for my small cutting board and same size ruler with a pocket for my rotary cutter.  Next was to use practice quilt materials to make a bag for my iPad.  The feathers on the practice piece were not so bad after all.  And today while waiting for a kind, generous friend to take me to the Doctor I made a bag for my Clover iron.  I had fat quarters and insulated batting.  So in about an hour and a half give or take a bit (time is not like quarter inch seams) I had the bag.  The bag is red in honour of the hot iron plus I love red.  The quilting is done with fancy stitches from my lovely sewing machine.  She has been neglected lately in favour of a young upstart but she does the loveliest stitches and we synced up today.

The iron has its own pocket and the cord has its pocket.  How you ask?  Simple divide the bag in half and sew a seam that ends before the top and guess what? The cord dangles into the second pocket; safe from the warm iron.  Then there is that tiny holder that of course will disappear as soon as you turn your back.  Well it has a little bag tied to the main bag.

Not just the boys can knock something together with wood and nails (I can too for that matter) but quilters (a large portion women) can do the same.  Give us a need; some fabric and a machine and we can make practical and pretty.    Now what next needs to be ORGANIZED. Ah hooks on the wall to hang these when not needed.  Where is that drill to find the studs?  (Tools need organizing too.) Then if I continue I might have to source a pack mule to carry all these things. Now where is that big Golden Retriever?  Her back is broad enough.  I hear her clarion bark as she scares some person walking outside the fence in the lane.  If they only knew how soft she is.  But I won't tell.

Well a good day.  Bag done; lovely coffee with a friend and all clear from Doctor.  Back to my bad living.  That baclava was wonderful.
 "I could have danced all night" just like Eliza Dolittle in My Fair Lady.

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