Thursday, 1 February 2018

Just some fun

Well, with the grey of winter, one has to have a bit of fun.  For the longest time I have had a silk flower on my shelf of 'lots of things'.  You know; what you see and wonder what you can do with it.  Or perhaps you are not such a magpie as I am.

One day I found a silk flower in a bright green; the opposite of what it was outside.  It was on sale and looked lonely.  It has floated around but today I did try something.  It is not perfect but it does hint a possibilities in the right circumstances.

I took a few minutes and grabbed spare bit of fabric and batting lying around already from the teaching prep I was doing and this is what I created.  The colour pops and although he is not what one might call practical he is amusing.  A light sketch with a pen, some petals and a bit of embroidery with straight stitches and

If nothing else he is a spot of colour in my sewing room on the design wall.  But the petals give texture and it is all done with just straight stitches.  I can see some possibilities.  And of course there are all those beautiful silk flowers on the shelves of the craft store.  The colours are intense and gorgeous. 

Here is a closer look at the stitching.  The thread is a 60 weight cotton so it does not show too well but you can see  how the outline stitching lets the petals take the cupped shape they originally had.

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