Saturday, 7 October 2017

Hope this works

If you read my blog you know I live in Nova Scotia Canada.  I did not grow up here so am 'from away'.  It is a Canadian province that is so beautiful but often overlooked.  It is a quilting province and has many creative art quilters.  You cannot ignore the colours or the sites both of which can inspire traditional, modern and art quilts.  Here is a Pinterest site full of both.  I hope the link works.
Nova Scotia.  Here is where I live and work.  Inspiring is it not?  Every season is rich for a quilter.

Time to go out and enjoy the colour.  The garden is fading; the trees are just getting their colour; the big chestnut is providing lost of noise as they fall on the patio and other objects.  Their beautiful brown of the nuts minus their ugly 'conker shell'  is lovely to look at but it is like walking on ball bearings. 

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