Wednesday, 9 August 2017

A UFO Finished

Each day I passed through my fabric room, I saw on the design wall a quilt with a complete center but no idea of what I was going to do for borders.  I had fallen for a fabric line and collected a big selection of fat quarters.  No idea of what I was going to do but quilters do that.  I am sure that this resonates with others.  The fabric hung around for a year and the center top for about 2.

Busy with doing other quilts for other people, this project just hung there.  I did art quilts and pinned them on top of the quilt.  In the end I just did it.  Do it works.  It is a mental kick in the posterior we give ourselves.  So I started a border.  I looked at making a solid dark border but thought too boring.  Then I found it had a lot of left over 60 degree triangles.  There were enough to put 5 hexagons on the back of the quilt and more for the corners.  Started a corner and part of a side.  It was not simple.  So I left it, pieced a back in various beige shades of fabric and hand applied the hexagons on.  Then it needed a just Do It again and I put the border together.  The border plus the back took more time than the center of the quilt.  It did not quite work out as I had thought in my head but it worked.

Now the quilt is finished including a flange which I truly love on quilts.  It is like a soft ending to a story.  Not abrupt which the all dark grey/black would have been.  

Please excuse the half pictures.  I am expecting company, my downstairs bathroom has been torn apart for a new shower and I will not tell the horror story of what was behind the walls and under the floors.  Just say that the house has existed on this property for a very, very long time.  Part of a hallway is taken up with forlorn toilets, boxes of just about anything.  But it will be gorgeous when finished.  When it is finished.  Not before company that is for sure.

But the quilt is complete except for a label, a name and nice tumble in the dryer to trap threads and bits acquired in the process.  If anyone reading this wants to comment on a name, it would be most welcome.  I am running dry as I keep running through these 'lazy' days of summer.  By the way working with all triangles does really weird things with your mind.  You see diamonds, squares and hexagons depending on your point of view.  At least I did.

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