Thursday, 20 July 2017

Something to look forward to

The Quilt Show which I enjoy every two weeks and have for several years is having a sharing experience.  It works by pairing one US member of the show to one member from another country.  So I decided to join.  We make a miniature quilt and we keep it a secret until we exchange quilts with our partner.  I live in Canada in Nova Scotia and got paired with a lady in South Carolina.  We are both on the Atlantic and this is really quirky, have the same name while being called something different.  We both have pets and this is just for a start. Her family has a connection to Nova Scotia and I have fond memories of visiting her very beautiful city.  What a fun idea.

Quilting is something you love to share.  It is also a hobby, a business, a vocation.  It has so many sides to it that it is almost impossible to describe.  It brings comfort; it challenges the maker; it is practical; it enlivens the walls when quilt are hung for decorative purposes.  It has history; it develops over time.  Quilting is an evolution of both form and the person who chooses to create quilts.  There are so many light bulb moments when sharing.

The rules state that we cannot share pictures in any form.  My partner and I can decide on doing something very different from each other or choose a theme.  And some of the quilts will be on display.

So, I will post how it is going from time to time but no pics.  Being as this is a miniature, there may be some frustration when dealing with tiny bits or not finding the right fabric or just because.  I might just post that frustration.  The picture describes how I feel starting out on a project. Oh, what to do to meet the criteria??????

 But with a partner perhaps some  or all of these frustrations can be erased.  It spite of frustrations it is always fun to try, to learn, to grow and to meet new people.  Thanks to the creative people at The Quilt Show.

The picture is courtesy of Pixabay.
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