Monday, 19 June 2017

June - Impact on making quilts

Summer has finally arrived.  And it has an impact on quilting.  Quilting or gardening, quilting or gardening??????  We had a long spring providing luscious plants that normally are cut short by the heat of summer.  So for a quilter, these  have provided lovely colour plays that could turn into a quilt or two but at the same time as a gardener weeds intrude.  Split personalities can result.

And of course there are client who still need to have their quilts quilted.  Add to that regular chores and you have a fractured personality.  But that provides and interesting pattern possible for a small quilt.  Flowers provide colour, weeds provide a neutral green and quilting provides the concepts of lines and curves and definition.  See everything provides an idea for an art quilt.  And daily chores; well they can provide a bit of dark colour in the background.

Enjoy the following pictures and find what you can see when you look at the colours and shapes. Now I will enjoy the challenge I have given myself.  But no early time frame because it is raining and the weeds are signing choruses of 'alleluia', the lawn is saying you will have mow me and the dishwasher is finished as is the washing machine and the doorbell is going as a quilt arrives in the proud arms of its maker.

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