Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Another quilt with curves

Do you sometimes look at your borders and think they are a bit bland.  Fabric might be nice; stitching good but they can be better.  So I decided to make a small quilt showcasing borders with  curves so the quilt is actually rows representing borders.  Top and bottom are just regular border strips quilted with curves.

Then, there are borders with curves like small strips of colour.  I have done this before and quite successfully.  It was a crazy quilt and is one of my posts.  The colours in that instance broke up the dark border fabric.  It is my post Serendipity and other things.

Here I alternated white with colours and a batik with coloured strips.  The outer boarders are quilted to death (great way to deal with a bit of waving)  And two strips have a curved piece through the whole border.  I like the contrast.  And of course it is fun to quilt what you want where you want and to try things. Thanks to Angela Walters.  I love her attitude.  It actually improves your quilting when you don't stress.

In total I have taken ideas from a show on The Quilt Show a couple of years back and Cheryl Arkison and her curves.

Now to finish off I am going to make some fabric based on a show with  Victoria Findley Wolfe.  I saw that show a couple of years ago on The Quilt Show and recently  and have used the idea to make fabric from scraps and it looks like a really crazy quilt but done with just a rotary cutter; no ruler except to square up the finished 'fabric'.  Good for scraps and for just relaxed creativity.  Colour, colour and more colour.   Guess what I like.

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