Saturday, 11 February 2017

Standing still

Sometimes it feels as if one is standing still in terms of accomplishments.  The time seems to leach away in what feels non productive activities.  This is a time then to look for smaller projects to keep the wheels of creativity moving.  It is not creative to snow blow huge mounds of snow so you can get out.  Is laundry creative?  No.  Washing floors.  No.  Going for a walk.  Yes, it is a time when the mind is free of laundry and snow blowing and trying to keep dog prints off the kitchen floor.  Amazing what you see even either in front of you or in your mind as you are walking.  Some small thing can mushroom into a project.

I did the one postcard and found it was a lot of fun and fitted into the small creative time.  I also went back to weather which was warm and breezy instead of gale force winds which cause one to walk bent over.

It is fun to try techniques on a small scale.  So here are the two latest small projects; two more postcards.  The Cabot Trail in Autumn and the Fundy Shore.
Fundy Shore was trying out a new technique which turned out sort of ok.  It made creating it faster but I felt there was less opportunity to be subtle about pieces to suggest how the sea is not one colour but an almost infinite number when you take into account reflections and time of day and amount of sun.   

Now back to the quilting frame which is now king size and looks so huge.  But it fits much better into my space with some changes of orientation and makes it much more comfortable.  Time to try some new designs.  They are infinite and doing the guiding by hand allows for creativity.  Is everything exactly as the last; no but it is more fun that way.  Trying something; thinking of something new or different is living.

Hope you find some living time today.

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