Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Looking back from today

How to lose track of time.  I looked at the date on my last post and although I thought I had posted in December, it was November.  The sad saga of getting my data back continues.  It is not so dire now but I am still missing some important things and learning about using some programs that have been ? updated.  Not sure that is the correct term.  It will be finished soon but I would not repeat it for anything so I repeat backup, backup, backup ad nauseum.  I knew better which is the most galling thing of all.

Unfortunately, my quilting was overtaken by various events in December some of which were not overly pleasant but they are over thank goodness.  Now I have a picture to post and hopefully after this afternoon spent in my sewing room there will be another completed item. Another something new for me; a postcard and a new way of creating a picture.  Then I still have a small quilt for show to complete.  It is past the thought phase, into construction and moving into embellishment.  Just quilting and finishing to do.

I have blogged about taking a course with Katie Pasquini Masoput in May of 2016.  It was wonderful and I was so happy to see her honoured by the on line show, The Quilt Show.  She is a lovely person and probably the best teacher I have learned from; both quilting and life lessons.

Well, here is the finished product.  I call it Segmented Tulips.  It was from a watercolour painting I did in the class.  It has hung on my wall for months with tiny bits done here and there and now it is quilted and bound.  
 I have to admit my painting had a mid blue background but I had not brought that colour with me to class so I popped out to Suttles and Seawinds to get fabric while others got their lunch.  I ended up loving the batik which shows as brown and black but has a blue cast on some parts.  I never thought of brown as a warm colour but this one is.  I have learned a lot doing this and it gave a sense of freedom because I was not doing straight lines, following someone else's pattern nor was I constrained by anything other my imagination.

I know I will use this non constraining mode of construction again.  

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