Thursday, 25 August 2016

Want to quilt! Hot summer day

What do you do on a hot summer day when your fingers are itching to quilt anything?  But an iron on in a room facing a sunny backyard is not optimum and when you live in a house build in 1833, central air is not possible.  I was in that situation yesterday and I had also seen some quilts on Pinterest made using the confetti technique and it appealed to me to at least try.

First I researched how.  We are so lucky to have lessons of all kinds at our finger tips.  If you are reading this you are computer literate and know what I mean.  You can learn from organized lessons, videos, tutorials and paid classes.  Well I did the video thing and found at least two ways to make a confetti quilt.   This one did not require ironing or rinsing off soluable stabilizer.  Great.  It fit my mood and circumstances.  My fingers were just wiggling in anticipation of doing something other than housework or laundry or those other things we need to do when there is no other choice.

So here is the something.  I had a picture of a poppy in my garden.  Lovely brilliant red; my favourite colour.
The fence was totally uninteresting so I changed the background to suit some bits of white and muddy blues to create an old wall.  Sort of.  I had some red batik to cut up.  I must say the cutting up into confetti sounds easy but is quite a bit of work to get the bits small enough.  

Here is the final product.  It is a test to see if I want to pursue using confetti fabric in quilts and I think I will as there are times when you need to create say a bush with lots of variations of green and bits of browns for branches or a garden of mixed flowers in which the flowers are indistinct but the colour makes you imagine what they are.

I did not use black netting as recommended but a pale yellow.  The black might have been a better choice but trying things is fun.  And a very sharp new rotary blade is recommended.  I just stitched at random.  The little quilt will make a colourful spot on my studio wall and remind me that such things take more time than I allotted but I have tried and I think this could be a fun way of representing a scene but with more preparation; a larger selection of fabrics and more time spent.  But it was fun and it settled the itch in my fingers to create something on a day not conducive to irons.

Summer is wonderful but sometimes limiting when it is Hot,Hot, Hot.

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