Sunday, 21 February 2016

Spin, spin, spin

What to do next?  It is just one of those days when projects seem to be screaming, me, me.  At the same time there are the dreaded chores of life like income tax forms to be filled in.  And also there are interesting books to read, web sites to visit that belong to very interesting people.  So in an attempt at avoidance, I am doing this post.  I know it is only a short post but I will do my yoga breathing at the same time.  That leads to thoughts about what things can be done together.

Play door man to the dogs and exercise at the same time; squats, twists, balance  Stir the soup on the stove and read.  Listen to music and quilt.  Stroke the cats on my lap and try to handstitch a binding.  That is life in this house.

But back to web sites.  I just found one that has me drooling.  Susan Carlson. l Susan Carlson Quilter  If you love colour and creativity, spend some time there.  I hear she is coming to my neck of the woods but I cannot attend.  Sigh!!!!!

Now back to the relatively mundane.  I have started a quilt for a show.  I designed it on EQ7 after falling in love with some fabrics and I got the opportunity to cut the first test block this week.  Now I can cut all the fabric for assembly sewing since the block works.  Not an easy one although it looks it. When I saw the fabrics, all I could think of was sherbet.  Here is a picture of the block and you will understand.  Strawberry, lemon, blueberry, lime.  What is also fun about this is how the patterns vary when the blocks are put together.  I have chosen one layout but perhaps will change my mind by the time the blocks are finished. Laundry pinging, muffins buzzing, time for tea with a wonderful friend. Have a great day.

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