Monday, 26 October 2015


Once you start something, the ideas can keep flowing.  In a guild I belong to, one of the members brought back a pattern from Edita Sitar which formed a tree.  Each of us used the pattern to create autumn hued 'leaves'.  This was done over the summer and this fall, we exchanges 'leaves'.  The finished product is lovely but what to do with the one block.  Here is the result of the decisions.  I outlined the block in a grey black to give it more presence.  The sky was a pre printed fabric which just suited a fall sky.  But as it was done with a half square triangle, the clouds were directional and they looked funny.  It was bit like the sky had flipped and was falling.  Out came my felting machine and some white roving and presto, fluffy clouds.

 I quilted the top half and the bottom was looking pretty bare.  Various ideas floated around; make it look like roots; just quilt.  Nothing seemed right and early in the a.m. as the dogs snuffled awake I thought of free form leaves. (I have a chestnut currently shedding masses of leaves.) I had done tiny ones on an art quilt before.  They worked really well.  I used Misty Fuse for the first time and just love it. The leaves are stable but pliable and are just quilted in as I did the stippling on the bottom.  It added colour with no weight and gave the piece a more realistic representation.  Now I have fall, spring, winter with Christmas and summer to come.  I love the small quilts.  You can change them around such as seasonly and you can find places to hang them.  With quilts and collected art, my walls are looking like a busy gallery.  I hate to put paintings away in a closet as they should not be in the dark and not be looked at and enjoyed.

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