Tuesday, 7 July 2015


It is has been gorgeous here with hot days and cool nights.  Being outside is so tempting and quilting falls down the list of to do's when there is 4 cords of wood to stack; a veggie garden to put in (after clearing weeds) and all the other chores of start up in summer.  I have been going like a crazy thing since the end of May.  The veggie garden is doing well.  The strawberries are huge and luscious and plentiful and there are enough to share with neighbours.

The wood is almost completely stacked but today my body said a DEFINITE NO.  So I am working on some quilting.  I did finish this quilt.  It is from a workshop given at guild by Anna Davidson of Mahone Bay Quilt Guild called Posies.  It was a fun class and the sliced off blocks made great strips for the center of the back.  But all the seams were a bit of  challenge for the quilting.  The colours are brighter than the pictures show and it will add some colour in my spare room when the contractor finishes it.  When is the operative word.

Of course buying fabric does not take a lot of time so it got squeezed into the wood stacking.  I could not resist.  A failing I have.  The bright stack was a gift from a wonderful person and I designed this quilt to use the fabric.  

I enjoyed creating the quilt on EQ7.  We shall see how it turns out.  I will be busy with cutting and creating blocks.  

This fabric was on sale so there is some good in adding it to the TO DO list and I have always wanted to do a log cabin quilt.  So this is the fabric and the pattern I designed.  

So there is some quilting going on.  I am working on an art quilt as well and there are two charity quilts to be done this summer.  One is on the frame and in the heat of the day I can here it calling that the quilting room is quite cool.  Or is it guilt telling me.

Well time to leave the comfort of my computer which exercises my fingers which remain whole in spite of falling wood and get on with exercising my quilting muscles.  Hope you like the patterns.  My first attempt at complicated ones on EQ7.

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