Monday, 1 June 2015


I love surprises.  There was one at the Post Office yesterday.   A very good friend from Australia sent fabrics for art quilts.  They are lovely and one is already earmarked for the sea in a small quilt.  She is an exceptional artist and you can find her here.  Kerry Thompson, Australia

She is my long distance consultant as I mull over quilting choices.  She knows my addiction to fabric and my attempts to create art quilts as an expression of my less tamed quilting side.  So these fabrics have come from Tasmania to Nova Scotia with loads of inspiration and care. Have a look at her paintings and you will see that we both love colour.  I wake each day to a wonderful one called 'Hello Sunshine'.  It helped in our winter past.

Some of my quilts are on display at the Centerville Quilt Show in Centerville, Nova Scotia just outside of Kentville.  The show is this weekend on Friday and Saturday.  It feels strange to put your quilts out in public as you know each stitch that is not perfection.  But quilters are a lot of very nice people and are great at sharing appreciation and knowledge.

At the Mahone Bay quilt guild meeting this week, Karen Miller a noted fiber artist had a trunk show. Mahone Bay Quilt Guild  Karen was a prime example of this sharing.  She not only had her pieces but photos of work in progress.  And she talked about the development of pieces and the components.  It was fabulous as it helps to understand that art quilts do not arrive full blown but are c r e a t i o n s that take time.

I started this post when the fabric arrived but forgot to complete it.  So here goes.  Better late.  The Centerville Show was wonderful with both traditional quilts, art quilts and rug hooking on display.  The ladies who do this show are so well organized and so friendly.  It was fun to take quilts out in public but a little scary too but I got some nice comments so that makes it a good experience.

One of the pieces of fabric I received is lobbying to be worked over and sent back to Australia as a gift.   Perhaps it will even be tucked into a suitcase I am  carrying on my way there.

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