Thursday, 30 October 2014

So long between posts

I hope anyone following this blog has not given up hope of new entries.  As a friend says, 'Sometimes life gives you curves'.  Life has done that  and I have been allowing myself to heal and to get back into my quilting grove.  Although this curve is not what I want, it is a time to learn more about life and people and what is important and what is not.

What is not important is people who create problems for others.

What is important is that we find new reserves of hope and caring and living.  Sometimes you have to just sit still and let the problems bump by then pick up and start over.  Today is start over.  Like all humans a hug at a bad time is fantastic.  Today two arms from two separate but important people reached out from Europe and from Australia to create a hug along with a friendly exchange with a good person here in Nova Scotia who also loves dogs.

I have some quilting to catch up on.  My fabrics have been sorted and a mountain of projects is there to be climbed.  Ideas are there many.  Experiments abound. Projects needing the last stage i.e. quilting are waiting.  I call this a Quilters Embroidery.  I have off loaded some things which has provided a healing peace.  The curve has to play itself out and that will take time but sitting still is less important  and moving forward is necessary.

I hope to soon have some pictures to share and at least two UFO's at completion stage.

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