Sunday, 31 August 2014

Crazy times/ UFO finishes

It feels like fall.  Good or bad?  Well the one dog does not pant as much; it is comfortable to sit outside; the bugs are almost absent and there truly is a golden glow about the sun.  Balance with that events and tasks creeping up quickly on the calendar and end of summer tasks to be performed.  This season is both sad and happy.  Putting in bulbs forecasts beautiful spring but putting the garden to bed is a closure activity.

But Friday was a wonderful day full of summer and fall mixed in a cocktail of sun and pleasure.  A trip to Gaspereau Valley Fibres to introduce a friend to the sensory explosion one gets on entering the shop resulted in both of us signing up for a weaving course to help console for the loss of summer.  Perhaps some of the yarn I have collected as a yarn harlot in a previous life will get used in weaving.  Then a long held desire to visit the Luckett Winery was indulged.  Here is the view.  Sorry you cannot enjoy the lunch we had but they are open to end of October.  Believe me the lunch and the view are both gorgeous.

Can you see a landscape quilt in any of these pictures?  Oh boy another addition to the thought and planning level of UFOs.  

UFO's also sometimes have dates; hard dates so the past couple of weeks have been spent on UFO's.  I have some pictures of the FINISHED product.  I must admit that brings a good feeling.  In reality it just clears the deck for more UFOs to clamour for attention as above.  The planning phase is backed up quite considerable but the bright side is that I do not lack activity going forward. (now where did I put those allium bulbs for the garden?).

These quilts are challenge quilts meant to be raffled in October at the Mahone Bay Quilters Guild show in October.    The challenge was to receive a kit of specified fabric and create a quilt, limited in size, representing a piece of music.  Here are is a peek of part of the quilts.

Challenges are fun.  They make you think; do some research and feel good when finished.  

As well as these I finished a landscape quilt begun in classes with Ana Buzzalino in April of this year.  I am sure that all the other participants were smart and brought fabrics which are suitable for landscapes.  Not me.  I just grabbed a big box of scraps and fat quarters.  Then I had two challenges; learn the technique and secondly to find some fabrics in that box that could be used.  Here is the result.  I mixed silks, batiks; used paints and paint pens and stitched with invisible thread.  My own personal jury is still out on this one.  But we are always our harshest critics.  

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