Friday, 20 June 2014

Finished - The Christmas Quilt

I promised to post pictures of the finished quilt.  I am cheating a bit as the quilt still needs binding, a label and a sleeve but since it is not due until October  it has lost first place in the finishing stakes.  There is a good reason for  being dropped as I will explain.

Here it is.  This pieced quilt required patience and persistence and a bit of  insanity.

 Persistence because by the end I was thoroughly sick of the ruler and 1/4 inch lines.  Also patience includes concentration and I let my mind wander and had to pick out 4 small sections where I had done them upside down.  This was done with 12 stitches to the inch. I mumbled and grumbled about self to self  but it got done. As well quilting off white on off white is really tricky. The light has to be just right so daylight and side lighting seemed be the best. Every quilt teaches you something.
 The back looks pretty good and the fabric is such a lovely one.
 Not sure what the binding will be as there is so much glitter in the Christmas fabrics and the border.   Time enough.

Insanity arises because after being pleased with the results I started to watch The Quilt Show this morning and saw how beautiful other quilts are and mine began to look not so good.  It would be insanity if I just tossed this quilt because it was not perfect but I remember when I first started and heard a well known quilter respond to a question about making a mistake.  Her response was a cherry 'I just pretend it is part of my original design'.  When I start feeling the insanity of having total perfection in my quilting I remember that response.

This Christmas quilt got bumped because a family member has cancer.  We are distant from each other and there is nothing that cannot be done except to wait and hear any news.  At least that is the way it seemed.  However, doing nothing is not my way.  I had made a quilt top with a panel quite a while ago and was very cautious about how to quilt it. This quilt ended being very talkative about how it wanted to be quilted.  But it is perfect to bring cheer when it is needed.  Sunflowers make you smile.   At least I sincerely hope it has that effect.  The back is pieced with a piece of sunflower fabric and a lovely yellow batik.  I hope this quilt when it arrives will bring some warmth and comfort.  Each stitch is a prayer for the recipient and her family.  Quilts are special as they are so much a product of the reason it is started; the fabric chosen and the design and the quilting.  Each of these choices is made by a person who puts their heart into the tasks.  So from heart to mind to fingers, this quilt is a prayer for hope and recovery.  I hope it will provide warmth and caring during treatments.

If you are a quilter you are special.  If you receive a quilt as a gift you are special too.  If you read about quilting you too have heart.  Prayers are welcome.

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