Monday, 17 June 2013

Hortense is sick

Oh it is rainy again and Hortense has a problem.  I feel as if my arm has been disabled.  I truly love to machine quilt.  But I still have making quilts to pass the time until Hortense recovers.

Do you ever have times when your mind and body seems to be racing ahead of themselves?  Our minds get going and drag us physically into their hectic pace and it destroys your peace of mind.  Well one good benefit for me was a desire to do everything possible in the garden; clean out my pantry and actually do some old fashioned scrubbing.  Yes; old fashioned scrubbing.  So I guess there is some purpose to being unsettled.  It activates latent energy I think.  Reminds of me of the birth of each of my children when I knew the birth was imminent because  I would scrub floors and do things like a mad person.  With the 4th I even laid a tile floor just before he was born.  Perhaps when we feel helpless to  fix something we concentrate on something we can do.

So lettuce and cucumbers to go with the tomatoes are now incubating in the ground and transplants are doing well in spite of the upheaval I put them through.  The rain is perfect for the seeds to perhaps peace of mind is not far off when all will be right with my world.

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