Friday, 18 January 2013

Thought dashes

This has been a week of topics popping in and out of my head.  One I am trying to put into practice.  You have all heard the words 'Just Do It'.  Well when I was still working the words meant something different from what I was thinking about.  I was thinking something more positive.

I have heard there are a large number of people who procrastinate including me.  So I started timing how long it took me to do some of these little things.  What I discovered was that I spent more time thinking about doing them than the tasks actually took.  I have freed up more time to think about 'Just Do It' in relation to quilting.  It could also be phrased as 'Just Try It'.  So a project that has been occupying brain space is now a project occupying space on my design wall.  It is taking shape and it even has a name which makes it more legitimate than just a bunch of blocks in my head shifting and changing.

'Just Try Doing It'.  It is liberating.

Other thoughts have been around the variety of people who quilt and the many, many reasons they do so.  Like people some quilts are rough and gruff; some soft and pretty; some rigid; some free flowing.  Some are very flamboyant.  Do they match their people?  I must watch to see if they do match and what matches; the designs and/or the fabrics.  Or are lots of people like me who like every quilt and quilting style.  My fingers itch to try everything I can and hence my own campaign to 'Just Do/Try It'.

I also like to knit, design machine embroidery, do thread painting, do needlepoint and sew clothes.  And I love to quilt on my long arm.  I feel like I am painting.  Sewing clothes has been shelved for quite a while but each time I see the lovely fabrics I brought back from India that type of sewing stirs me.  But would I be a better quilter if I took these away and just concentrated on quilting?  Are these considered cross training like in athletics?  I sure hope so as I ordered a complex cabled sweater and yarn this morning.  The lure of a challenge?  Does this match up with 'Just Do It'?  I think it might.

  What I don't like is house work but actually did some today.  Could that be considered as discipline which helps in getting UFO's finished?  Maybe I might feel better about housework if I looked at it this way as self discipline.

Off to enjoy some sunshine in the sun room.  Must bank those sunny hours against days without at this time of year; at least if you live in a  coastal northern climate.

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