Friday, 11 January 2013

SUN January SUN

My title makes it seems terrible but January is a bit of downer in northern climates.  But the sun is wonderful today.  The cats will find a chair (with a quilt) in the sun and snooze the whole day long.  They will make the long migration from the fire to the sunroom.  

The sun makes me think about fabric colours and how they impact your mood just like the sun.  Quilting is such a tactile activity. Hands are engaged in feeling the fabric; eyes in seeing the colours and patterns; nose in bringing smells to mind and when finished your whole body feeling warmth.  When quilted a quilt top makes your eyes move around the fabric forming small and larger pictures which trigger off other mind pictures.  

Yesterday I made a children's quilt top based on the story about the caterpillar who eats his way to being a butterfly.  I got it in Glasgow and it has been tucked in my stash with the gorgeous colours just peeping out a bit on the shelf.  The finished project will go on my wall to remind me of childhood and childhood pleasures.  

Since the quilt pattern is not standard and does not really fit pantographs or other quilt designs I will take a picture; put it into a graphics program and draw lines and designs that suit it.  We are so lucky to have the technology.  Much of this is free.  Paint comes with Microsoft utilities and allows you to do this.  I am fortunate to have multiple sources since I have been creating digital embroideries for years.  But give it a try.  Make today one that celebrates life and quilting and friends and  think about some small thing that can expand your life.  They are often the best things.

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