Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Life and Crazy Quilts

Did you ever have days that felt like a Crazy Quilt?  Not just crazy.  Yesterday was one.  A lovely gold fabric with a phone call from an old friend from Colorado which promised a continuing friendship in spite of life changes; a black velvet for a friend in Australia packed up to evacuate at anytime due to brush fires; red for a dog that had a case of the ins and outs all day; blue for her companion who wanted to stand and sniff the air at the back door with sub zero weather.  In addition there was green, a lovely soft spring green for a talk with a good friend and brown for logs that are not dry enough to burn.  There was white for the cutting table not cleaned up as planned; lovely pink for some time to play with the long arm and try out the functions.   Colours are so much a part of our life.  They have associations from which they cannot be separated.  For some people there are colours they simply cannot stand but they use them anyway because the punch of colour is worth it.   Take time to think why you like or dislike a colour or particular designs on fabric.  It can help to finalize a design or get past a colour to enjoy a quilt design you might bypass.

Like crazy quilts, in the end this was a lovely one which ended the day stitched; comfortable and cozy.

There was also a crazy idea yesterday.  Too bad they do not make a thread that when quilting shows up in a pastel colour but when heat is applied the colour disappears.  Boy would that ever make machine quilting easier.

Today has silver as the evacuation has not occurred.   Wonder what the rest of the day will bring.  I know one thing; exercise class.  Those Christmas calories are singing Jingle Bells or is it Jiggle Bells?  :)

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