Saturday, 3 September 2016

A Spaniel with Attitude

Niles.  He is sadly no longer  but he was a lovely spaniel with what his owners describe as attitude.  He reigned over his yard and his owners.

Apparently he would sit on the side steps  of his home with the look on his face that is in the picture below. Niles was king of all he surveyed and quite certain his subjects were not worthy of a direct glance.  He knew what he wanted and liked and made sure he got it.

I had the fun of thread painting Niles as a keepsake for his 'subjects'.  Thread painting can be a lot of fun and with computerized tools, it is possible to turn a photo into an oil painting therefore better highlighting animal fur with all its varieties of colours and tones.  The sun was behind Niles and this deepened his chest colours and made his fur on the edges like a halo.  Perhaps he has one now.

To Niles.

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