Friday, 20 November 2015

Not enough time

Not only does Christmas cause this feeling but so does the addictive quilting.  There are so many patterns, so many techniques, so many things to try.  And fabrics.  Going to a quilt store is sensory overload.  Unfortunately the mundane things of life do not go away.  Curtains remain unhemmed; clothes are a jumble of spring and summer and winter.  Those old sweats are really not going to keep one warm as they wear out with continual wearing and washing.  The only thing that does not wear out are the paint stains.

But guess what wins out. I have finished a project pictured here.  It was not planned but it took over my thoughts and had to be done to exorcise it.  The planned things are still waiting to be cut and sewn and two quilts are waiting for borders and quilting, and the frame holds an applique quilt which I am doing in very detailed quilting.  With each session of intense detail, I question my sanity.
There are twisting, winding roads between the Fundy side of  Nova Scotia and the South Shore.  I travel #10 frequently and on this particular day the autumn colour was fantastic and the twist combined with a blind crest to create a missing link between one curve and another.  This was fun to create with commercial fabrics that closely resembled the woods on either side of the road.  When the dull colours of winter bring the blues, I can just look at this and remember the absolute riot of colour that envelops in the autumn.  

And when I wanted to hurry on spring I can look at this one made from a picture taken on a spring trip with a friend when beaches are quiet (no tourists) and make a nice walk with a furry friend.  
Now to the practical.  Can I squeeze that new coat and top into the cupboard or will I really HAVE to sort my clothes out?  Can I bargain with myself that cleaning one closet translates into several hours of quilting?  And then there is that felt Christmas tree that needs to be finished.  Bargaining with oneself is not easy.  Which side is going to win.  Perhaps I can call this jury in to help with decisions.  Will they wake up enough to help?

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