Thursday, 10 July 2014

A Quick Post

I have written before about the collegiality of quilting guilds.  The support of a guild is an important part of being a quilter.  We all in life get bruised and battered by life's downs.  Sometimes our souls are bruised in ways we think we cannot survive.  But go to guild and the bruises are soothed.  Quilting is a passionate expression of love and caring.  I belong to more than one guild and the same attitude prevails and of course I am certainly not the only quilter who has experienced this.  

This attitude is not just provided to the members of the guild.  Doing gifts for charity; giving the gift of a quilt, creating a prayer quilt are extensions of the guild and guild members.  

If you wonder why I am writing this it is because I am watching a storm of life in my own realm which is not my storm but the pain is with family members.  But, I was soothed and cossetted by a visit to guild yesterday. Thank goodness for the good ladies of PVQ, in Paradise, Nova Scotia.

Just one pic today but some more coming.  Now back to Hortense and finishing a quilt by one of the wonderful quilters.


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