Monday, 28 April 2014

Teaching Art Quilts

Ana Buzzalino was the Extraordinary Quilter at Mahone Bay Quilt Guild in Nova Scotia last week.  I was fortunate to be able to attend both her classes.  Being able to teach is an art in itself.  It takes patience, preparation and the ability to express your thoughts in a variety of ways depending on the listener.

Ana is a gentle and caring teacher.  I know because I am not a good pupil.  I keep wanting to forge ahead to the next step and that can be adventuresome but also leads to roads where it gets very rocky.  A good friend constantly reminds me that I march to a very different drummer.

But in spite of my short comings as a pupil, Ana made this a wonderful experience.  I love pieced quilts.  I love all types of quilting. To me as long as there is fabric and colour I am game.  But art quilts require some introspection and examination of your goals and how to get there in addition to skill at piecing and choosing colours.  Each piece is your piece, your curve, your expression in colour and texture.  Ana provided a road map that will serve me well in my making of art with fabric and thread.  She added knowledge of paints, transfers, beading, and numerous tools.  Ana gave me a road map to go down my own road.  That makes an excellent teacher.  And she quilts heavily which I enjoy doing.  Quilting gives the final kiss of life to quilts.

Ana graciously allowed pictures during the trunk show she gave at the Dessert Party which occurred the evening before the classes.  Here are a few I managed to capture over and around heads.

Ana gave permission for photos to be taken and displayed.   Enjoy these quilts.  I certainly did and so did the rest of the audience if facial expressions are anything to go by.

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