Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Long time since posting

Well storms; sick animals; frustrating humans do keep one away from the blog posting.  However I was not idle but was at times in between crisis points practicing feathers.  This alternated with bouts of writing a small book on quilting.

A big thank you to Dawn Cavanaugh in her article in the Fons &Porter January/February 2013 edition of Love of Quilting.  Dawn with simple pictures described 3 methods for feathers.  She provided some marking templates as well.  So I scanned the samples and used the Microsoft Snipping Tool to copy the pictures into a Word document.  I copied each several times.  Then as I watched the DVDs of Downtown Abbey (my evening recovery period) I put my fingers and pen to work patterning the methods.  I kept going over and over the drawings until I felt confident I could do it on my own on the plain paper.  I was relaxed and it worked. Method number 2 was my success spot.  But of course you have to translate to the machine and cloth and batting.  So digging out some fabric which was left from other projects I practiced on Hortense, my long arm machine. Fortunately we did not lose power during the storm but those winds really get under your skin and ruin concentration.

After two sessions practicing I feel good about feathers and confident to begin using them in my quilts.  Here are some pictures.  They are not perfect but I think I might give myself a passing grade.  What Dawn did do was give excellent instructions; alternatives and encouragement.  Thank you.

Never say you cannot do something.  All is possible when the right teacher and instructions come along.  I also practiced some travelling at the same time.   It makes for an interesting vein in the 2nd picture.

Now on to another quilt before I have some surgery which will put me out of working with my sight for a bit.  Spring do come.

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