Sunday, 17 February 2013

Does Fabric Talk?

You can bet it does.  At least it does to me.   On Friday I was with some special friends in a fabric store.  We were looking for retail therapy but a specific kind; quilt fabrics and anything else quilty.  The sun was shining and our lunch was good.  This was stop 3 and I had already exercised my arm by taking out my card from my purse twice. That kind of exercise should not be engaged in without thought or too frequently.  It is not muscles it builds.

So with intentions to be good I roamed the store.  Pass one took me by some blue fabrics.  I think I heard 'Stop and look' but hurried on to the opposite side of the store.  Just a precaution of course.  Then I heard 'Come back'.  My feet, not my brain, took me across the shop.

I escaped and found a cute Christmas hanging in the bargain bin.  I tried to convince myself that I would leave the store with just that.  A great gift for someone.

But I could feel myself at the top of the slide and was hanging on for dear life.  Then reprieve; one of my friends said to come and look at some completed Braid quilts.  It was no reprieve as I heard again 'Come back'.   Then 'We would make a lovely Braid quilt'.  My answer was not enough range of the blue colours.  Another voice,  a smart store manager, pointed out the next shelf down with the complementary beige and off white colours.   One hand let go of the slide but I was still clinging to my good intentions.  Then the book which I have already invested in and was sitting just waiting in my fabric room was put before me and it opened at a page with a Braid quilt made with water colours.  It is my absolute favourite in the book.  Then as I started to careen down the slide one of my friends came to help me up long enough to pick out the fabrics and to watch me exercise my arm over the counter to the little machine with the keypad.

Another project but I think it will live up to the effort the fabrics made to convince me that  I wanted them.  Do you agree?

Does fabric talk to you? Do you like to feel fabric?  Do you feel like a kid in a candy store when you go fabric shopping?  I must admit a yes from me to all 3 questions.  These fabrics are still talking to me and this time it is 'Make that quilt'.

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