Sunday, 16 October 2016

Lessons learned; happy ending not.

Picking out stitches has to be the most frustrating part of quilting.  I was trying a new quilting design and had the done the right thing and practiced on paper.  It looked wonderful.  I had worked out any kinks, limiting as well the amount of travelling back over stitches.  It was suggested by the pattern in the border fabric.  I had already done the center medallion so ................

But, a tiny thread interfered with my plans.  After a few stitches using the border pattern, things were not smooth.  Ok, a couple of times the travelling was a tiny bit sloppy but not bad.  So I pushed forward like a good soldier.  Not a good idea.  I must have had my brain turned off.  Pushing forward just made more messy stitches.  So, I had what was a lovely pattern with too many wobbles and lots of stitches at 14 per inch in a border.  Totally not remotely acceptable.

What was the lesson?  Two actually.  First is if you feel the least bit tired when quilting, quit. It does not take long to make a mistake worse.  Do not try something new when you are tired.  Second, when cleaning surfaces do a thorough job.   I might have not seen the thread or it might have been picked up while quilting but when things that are smooth get wonky, there is a problem.  Stop.   I will not mention just how blue the air got nor will I provide the time it has taken to get the stitches out.  The fact that the thread was 50 weight and matched the border perfectly added  a bit more tension to the work.  It is not finished yet.  Let's say raking leaves; lots and lots of leaves  on the ground and falling from overhead was a preferable activity this afternoon.

On a happier note, I have planned a quilt that makes me think happy thoughts.  Here is the picture which will become a small quilt.  Not saying when but in the future.  The three boys enjoying a quilt.

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