Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Home for a quilt

This quilt was a fun one to make.  Take a piece of fabric with little pictures on it; fussy cut; add different borders.  Don't really know what kind to call it; crazy quilt, block quilt, sample quilt.  I wrote about this baby quilt before.  It was shipped to Australia as a gift for a new Grandmother, a wonderful sharing friend, to give to her new Grandchild.  Well the quilt arrived after a long journey, one day before a lovely baby girl was born. Serendipity.

Thanks to the internet, I was able to follow what was happening so far away and to share in an event.
I will treasure the connection to a child I will probably never see but was there at her birth if only from a distance.

Quilts as gifts mean a lot of love has gone into the design and execution.  To be able to send from the east of Canada to Australia and have the love and care enjoyed is such a pleasure.  I am always finding ways in which quilts have meaning; as gifts; as learning; as sharing; as something of which to be proud and exploration of colour, shape, texture.  Amazing what fabric, time, stitches, ideas and effort can mean.

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